Heritage Advisors

A frame from the Heritage Advisors

This video is an overview produced for Heritage Advisors, Phoenix, AZ

Shurwest Demo

A frame from the Shurwest Demo video

A short demo from my Shurwest Financial days.

Retirement News Today

A frame from the Retirement News video

An internet news program taped over green screen and edited with the Adobe Creative suite.

Fullerton Financial Testimonials


Clients talk about Stephanie Fullerton and Fullerton Financial

Video Marketing


Former Dir. of Marketing for Shurwest Financial talks about the importance of video mrktg.

Financial Advisor


Paul Mershon Founder / CEO of Silver Hawk Wealth Management talks about risk protection


Corporate Video Production


The client sent me his green screen footage and PPT Presentation and this is what we built.

Personal Video Production


Shot on green screen and composited  with Adobe After Effects. This couple used video to impress a potential employer.

Advisor of the Year


Eric Scott was awarded the Retirement Advisor of the Year back in 2015. Taped over green screen.

Product is Not the Unmet Challenge *Coming Soon

A corporate video produced for the Financial Marketing Company CSI Financial.

A new corporate video from CSI - Upload next week.

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This site is primarily here to serve as an online portfolio. I'm employed with ad ad agency in AZ (Larry John Wright, Mesa, AZ) but also do contract work. If you have a project and would like to discuss it, feel free to contact me.

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