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Pastel, Sketch & Technical Illustration

Now we're going back in time. These top few images were done the old fashioned way, by hand.
pastel3 pastel1 Technical 2 technical illustration
Pastel Chalk Pastel Chalk Medical Illustration Technical Pen
sketch pastel2 Tillman graphic 1


Tillman graphic 2

Pencil Sketch

Pastel Chalk


Technical 3D

Quantum technical2 technical3 technical
Frames from 3D Animation showing the inner design of a rack mountable DAT tape backup system.
3d radio3 3d radio 3d radio2 3d radio 4
This 3D radio was modeled in FormZ and animated / rendered with Electric Image for a spot called "The Bee." B94.3 and B 92.5 are country radio stations in Michigan. I did a series of these spots for numerous country stations they owned in the immediate vacinity with the same name. Phil Kimmelman, NY. a now retired Disney Animator (School House Rock, Honey Nut Cheerios Bee, Kellog's Tony the Tiger, Care Bears etc.) animated the bee character.

Computer Generated

good news logo
web design
slide design
reflection study
News Prgm Concept Web Page Design PPT Design 3D Reflection Study
new beginnings concept 1 new beginnings concept 2 new beginnings concept 3 new beginnings concept
These frames were design concepts for the ASU Psychology Departments New Beginnings program open.

Green Screen

golen green screen
These are from a series of green screen composites we build to market the ASU MBA Online program. The animations are linked to the still frames and although different, they all follow the same format. We built ten in all. Click here to see the others.
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