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- Presently employed as a Motion Graphics Designer Sr., ASU / W. P. Carey School of Business

- Educated at Massachusetts College of Art & Design (Boston, MA) - 1978 - 1982

- Sr. Technical illustrator for Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc. (BBN) Cambridge, MA (fortune 500) 1985 - 1987

- Art Director for The Troupe, largest video production facility in NH - 1987 - 1989

- Art Director for VizWiz Film/Video Inc., Brookline, MA (one of Boston's premiere video facilities - now National Boston) - 1989 - 1991

- Director of Corporate Commercial Graphics for Digital Images, Boston, MA (designers of the Discovery Channel, MSNBC, The Learning Channel and many others) - 1991 - 1992, DI is no longer (sniff sniff)

- Contract Designer for the Christian Science Monitor, Boston (Broadcasted the international "Monitor News" program) - 1991 - 2001 - "The Monitor News Channel" is no longer on the air.

- Owner/Art Director, Computer Animation & Design, Inc., Londonderry NH (one of NE first desktop video production "boutiques").

- Beta site for Adobe Premiere, Data Translation Media100, CoSA After Effects (now Adobe AE) and Specular International's Infini-D

- Contributing Editor for Videography Magazine with many articles picked up by trade magazines in the former Soviet Union and Hong Kong, China

- Winner of international BPME (Broadcast Promotion and Marketing Executive) Gold Medallion award, multiple national (BDA,Telly,ITVA & Crystal Graphics Communicator) awards, as well as regional and local awards for graphic design and animation.

- Addressed audiences on PCTV and at national trade shows

- Appeared in "The Next Step" video promoting and demonstrating graphics software packages

- Contracted for training designers at production facilities and tv stations nationally and abroad

- A partial list of work produced includes: the Sci-Fi Channel, ESPN, The Learning Channel, ASIA TV (Hong Kong), The History Channel, FOX Sports Net, ABC News (New York), A&E, Digital Equipment, GTE, Genuity, Hewlett Packard, McGraw Hill, Grolier Encyclopedia and many local and regional agencies producing commercials airing throughout the US.

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